Current Events

Hello all current and future students,

We have ended our first year of school and now we have a good solid group of students that are willing and able to learn. 

In the coming future we will be holding a weapons demonstration at our Saginaw Recreation located in the City of Saginaw, Tx.  It will be held the first Saturday of December.  So if anyone want to come please call Shifu Aaron Gaynor at 682-553-7972 for more information.   

Also,  the second Saturday of December the Saginaw Kids kung Fu Class is working on putting together a demonstration for possible new students.  The demo will be at the Saginaw Recreation Center, and for more details we will update you as it all comes together.  But again call Shifu Aaron for more information. 

Another cool event that will be happening is our student testing.  Some of the yellow sashs are going to be moving up to green sashs and we have beginners that will be testing for the first sash, the yellow sash.  Getting close to the end of the year so I hope everyone is studing up for next years new goals. 

Shifu Aaron Gaynor